What We Offer

A dependable, compassionate presence you can trust.

Care Services Offered:

N 24 Hour Care
N Adult Care (18+)
N Live in Carers
N Supply staff to organisations

N Personal Care (on a contracted hours basis)
N Personal Care Assessments
N Risk Assessments in the Home

Care Offered:

N Call in Service
N Companionship
N Dementia
N Domestic Services / Home Help
N Elderly Care
N Food Preparation & Serving
N High Dependency Care, two carers attending
N Learning Disability
N Medication Assistance
N Palliative Care
N Personal Hygiene Care
N Physical Disability
N Respite cover
N Shopping Service 
N Sit in Service.

Here at Hillside Care Services, our specialist live-in care service we provide a professional, flexible service which allows you choice, independence and dignity. The service compares favourably in terms of cost with residential and nursing home care and enables people to stay in the familiar surroundings of their own homes. Our values are simple.

We value a culture of:

  • Respect for other people
  • Openness and honesty
  • Politeness, confidentiality and empathy
  • Service, caring and integrity
  • Enjoying what we do and giving back to the community
Hillside Care is highly experienced in providing specialized personal care which treats service users with dignity and respect. Support can include bathing and showering, medication, continence care and social activities such as outings and even pet care.
We offer a range of support activities to people who are experiencing mental health difficulties or have experienced a life crisis which is affecting their ability to function as they normally would. Our service supports them to manage their lifestyles, reduces social exclusion, and helps them to access educational opportunities and engage with the wider community with recovery being the key.

Supporting people with learning disabilities and their families, Hillside Care provides services that are designed to allow Service Users to live in their own home, find a job they want, develop and active social life and get away for holiday. Using a person centered approach that is outcome led; we work to support people to live a life as they should.

Hillside Care Services CIC provides a comprehensive range of services supporting people at home and in the community. We provide services like; domestic Care, personal Care, mental Health, learning disability, access to community service / day activities tailored for people with learning disability. We also offer services to meet needs of people with autism, sensory impairment and with autism.

Getting things right for our service users is the best way to ensure that service users feel comfortable with what we do for them. As such, we deliver on our ethos to make a positive difference to the quality of people’s lives.

Our values are simple. Hillside Care Services CIC strives to offer excellent Domiciliary care/support to individuals and families, to live in their own homes with personal care, support and information that assists them to realize their aspirations and expectations.

Often, autism is open to misinterpretation, misunderstanding and misconception. We are currently working with a number of Service Users across South London to help break down these challenges using a dedication and specialist teams. We support adults to live I their own accommodation, work with young adults who need transitional services.
Hillside Care provides supportive care to help service users and their families cope through what can be a difficult period of time. We provide a range of personal care services at home in familiar settings ensuring dignity and respect and we also provide one to one support for family members.